Creating a list of checkboxes isn’t a difficult mission. Adding a “select all” is arguably not too complicated as well.
But… what if we wanted to add subcategories? And… implement this in….. a recyclerView? Now this becomes a bit more complicated and confusing, and what is easier than finding a…

There are several libraries you can use for verification or pin codes, as much as I am happy to relay on libraries, there is no better accomplishment than fulfilling the task yourself, allowing you to customize to your exact needs.

In this tutorial I will show how to create a…

Skeletons are everywhere now, in every app and every site. Sounds like a horror movie, but it is actually not so bad and quite easy to implement.

Skeleton loading is everywhere!

Here is a simple tutorial for changing your progress loading UI look, ditch the spinning circle and upgrade to the skeleton loader which…

Sharone Lev

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